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Charity of the Month: Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho

As expected,  once again Americans are in danger of having their access to healthcare stripped away from them. And in addition to the massive pile of garbage that is the AHCA, That Man would also really like to cut federal funds to Planned Parenthood, making it even more difficult for women to access vital healthcare, including preventative care such as cancer screenings. (And, yes, abortions. But also contraception, which totally reduces the need for abortions!)

Therefore, this month I’m supporting Planned Parenthood, which I realise is a large and well-known organisation and goes against my intention to try and help smaller, lesser-known charities. But the work that Planned Parenthood does is extremely important, greatly needed, and constantly under threat. I’ve used their services myself; at the time they were pretty much my only option, and I was so relieved and grateful that the option was there. So to balance things out and give back locally, I’m narrowing it down a bit and donating to Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, which serves the area in and around my hometown in Washington state, including the clinic I used to visit.

I mean, if you’re down with grabbing America by the pussy, you might as well support keeping that pussy healthy, right?

Right, Mr President?

Charity of the Month: the International Rescue Committee

Earlier this month, That Man – he of the big heart, the biggest heart you ever saw, it’s amazing – was apparently so moved by images of Syrian children in crisis that he decided to bomb the shit out of an airfield. Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian refugees are told, by that very same ‘big-hearted’ man, that they aren’t welcome in America. So I guess all those other Syrian children arriving at our airports can fuck off then, because obviously they might be ISIS. Big-heartedness only goes so far.

This month I’m supporting the International Rescue Committee. This organisation is doing a lot of important work to help people affected by the war in Syria, including supporting newly-arrived refugees in the US and other countries. The organisation’s work also has a particular focus on the needs of women and girls, which as you may know is an issue dear to my own pussyhat-pink feminist heart.

Please support them if you can!

Charity of the Month: NAFC

Something I’ve decided to do, as part of my own personal #Resistance, is pick a charity each month which supports people who That Man and his administration are gleefully trying to fuck over, and donate to it. I aim to do this for as long as That Man is in office, and I hope that by sharing this with my small audience (hi, friends/family/random feminist haters!) it may encourage others to do the same, if they can.

This month, as the GOP does its best to make good on the promise to take away health insurance from millions of Americans, I’m choosing to support the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

Even if the Republicans’ deplorable ‘healthcare’ plan doesn’t go through, rest assured they will keep trying, and even now there are still many Americans with little or no access to affordable healthcare. Whilst researching healthcare charities I came across so many depressing and upsetting stories of desperate people who can’t see a doctor; of people who live every day in pain because they can’t get whatever it is looked at; of people who can no longer eat solid food because several of their teeth are rotting and they haven’t seen a dentist in years; of people who can’t just go to the Emergency Room because they need, like, fucking chemotherapy and you can’t get that at the fucking ER. And on it goes.

This is a black and white issue to me. Either you believe access to healthcare – for *everyone* – is a basic human right, or you believe it’s a luxury, a privilege only for those who can afford it. I believe it’s the former. And I think what’s happening – and what will happen if this despicable bill becomes law – in America with regards to healthcare is evil and wrong. People will die because of this, and That Man does not give even half of one fuck.

So anyway, before I totally Hulk out, please support the NAFC – Charity of the Month for March!

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