Charities of the Month: SAGE and Trans Lifeline

Since June is Pride month, and since our current GOP deplorables in Congress are still trying to force through their massive-tax-break-for-the-wealthy-masquerading-as-a-healthcare-bill, I decided it would be a nice idea to support LGBTQ people who would also be likely to lose their access to healthcare. I looked around for LGBTQ-specific health clinics, or organisations which specialised in healthcare and/or health issues particularly for the LGBTQ community, but it was difficult finding places which also had any kind of mechanism for online (or offline, in most cases) donation.

Then I came across SAGE, which is an organisation that advocates for older LGBTQ people. Considering the very real possibility that Medicare will be gutted, and that many older people rely on Medicare, this felt like a good way to continue to support access to healthcare in America whilst specifically helping the LGBTQ community too. I also figured that if older people are an often ignored or forgotten group, then older LGBTQ people are even more at risk of being forgotten. Unfortunately, the organisation appears to only be able to accept donations from the United States, so I wasn’t actually able to give them any money. Therefore if you’re in the US and want to support them (Get that Pride month donation in under the wire! It’ll be exciting!), then please do!

So instead I chose to donate to Trans Lifeline. I have donated to them in the past, but there’s no rule saying I can’t donate to the same organisation more than once (it’s nice when you get to make your own rules). They are also grossly underfunded and desperately need donations in order to keep their incredibly important and lifesaving service going.

There you go. Two charities for the price of one!

And happy Pride month. Love wins.

putin trump

Image: “Make Everything Great Again,” by artist Mindaugas Bonanu

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