Charity of the Month: Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho

As expected,  once again Americans are in danger of having their access to healthcare stripped away from them. And in addition to the massive pile of garbage that is the AHCA, That Man would also really like to cut federal funds to Planned Parenthood, making it even more difficult for women to access vital healthcare, including preventative care such as cancer screenings. (And, yes, abortions. But also contraception, which totally reduces the need for abortions!)

Therefore, this month I’m supporting Planned Parenthood, which I realise is a large and well-known organisation and goes against my intention to try and help smaller, lesser-known charities. But the work that Planned Parenthood does is extremely important, greatly needed, and constantly under threat. I’ve used their services myself; at the time they were pretty much my only option, and I was so relieved and grateful that the option was there. So to balance things out and give back locally, I’m narrowing it down a bit and donating to Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, which serves the area in and around my hometown in Washington state, including the clinic I used to visit.

I mean, if you’re down with grabbing America by the pussy, you might as well support keeping that pussy healthy, right?

Right, Mr President?


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