Charity of the Month: the International Rescue Committee

Earlier this month, That Man – he of the big heart, the biggest heart you ever saw, it’s amazing – was apparently so moved by images of Syrian children in crisis that he decided to bomb the shit out of an airfield. Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian refugees are told, by that very same ‘big-hearted’ man, that they aren’t welcome in America. So I guess all those other Syrian children arriving at our airports can fuck off then, because obviously they might be ISIS. Big-heartedness only goes so far.

This month I’m supporting the International Rescue Committee. This organisation is doing a lot of important work to help people affected by the war in Syria, including supporting newly-arrived refugees in the US and other countries. The organisation’s work also has a particular focus on the needs of women and girls, which as you may know is an issue dear to my own pussyhat-pink feminist heart.

Please support them if you can!


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