We May Not Have Jet Packs Yet, but…

An Indian university student, along with two of her colleagues, has invented an electric bra, whose purpose is to deliver a shock — strong enough to cause burns — to anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to, say, grab your breast or otherwise sexually assault you. The bra is (somewhat hilariously) called the SHE – Society Harnessing Equipment. I see what they did there.

Now, I’m honestly not trying to poke fun at this woman’s invention. Anything we can do to help keep women from being assaulted must surely be a good thing, and I applaud it. But it also kind of makes me sad. And angry. We live in a world with seemingly limitless capability, where almost anything we can dream up could, in a few years’ time, become reality (we have 3-D printers, and I totally don’t understand what they are or how they work, but it sounds pretty fucking cool!), where anything we could want is a click away, and where, in order to keep women safe from harm, someone has had to invent a bra that emits an electric shock.

Something is, I think, seriously wrong with that picture.


One thought on “We May Not Have Jet Packs Yet, but…

  1. Wil MacKenzie

    My first reaction was “What about the guys? I want an electric jock strap to keep certain women from their inappropriate grabs and gropes on my person as well.”

    0.002 seconds later the smart part of my brain took attention to the stupid part was on about and said “Oh hell no, you are NOT putting burn causing electrical equipment anywhere NEAR there, you fucking moron.”

    I’m not a woman, obviously, but I have the distinct impression from all my experiences with women that the breasts are somewhat sensitive.

    Never mind the obvious notion that one should not want burn-causing electrical current present on ANY part of their bodies regardless of degree of sensitivity.

    I mean, really! Men adjust their shorts throughout the day, women adjust their bras throughout the day… one careless adjust and we got a nurse opening our ketchup bottles for us for the foreseeable future.



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